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Every other month, UAD gets in touch with different members of the diaspora (or those with an interest in Africa) and showcases their views on various topics

#HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | VLOG: MS YOU TV’S SUSAN YOUNIS

Meet  Susan Younis (Instagram: @msyou). Mompreneur, Vlogger, Executive Producer and Content Creater (@msyoutv). We would watch her for hours if we could! Watch the video below as she shares her experiences of her eventual move to Nigeria from the UK. She talks challenges, including being a woman in her industry and country as well as offering words of wisdom for anybody interested in making that move.


#HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | VLOG: LEAH ANYANWU

​Meet Leah Anyanwu (Instagram: @nigerian.nomad), a US native who moved to Kenya to work. Watch below as she shares her experiences of living and working abroad. 

#HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | STACEY 

#HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | NADIAH

HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | SAM DESALU

#HOTAD | Series 3 (May Edition) | SHAY

Victoria Affiong-Oluchi Ita, 21, BSc Sociology Undergraduate (British-Nigerian)

Diana Busingye, 24, Support worker for ‘Aspire Supported’ (British-Ugandan)

Belinda Ogaino, 23, Content creator / Assistant nurse (American-Ugandan)

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