Catherine Nalule

Co-founder / Managing Director:

At 23 years old, Catherine is a Politics, Philosophy and Economics undergraduate. She is an avid writer, keen traveller and spent a year on a study abroad exchange programme in Macau, China.

“The concept of UAD has always been something I am passionate about. I was born and raised in London, but fell in love with Uganda (where my parents are from), after spending a year there at the age of 16. With the identity of being both British and Ugandan, I hope to encourage others through my organisation, to identify more with Africa. I want people to understand more about the continent and its individual countries; express themselves, engage in dialogue, know what is happening on the ground and continue to spread their cultures globally. After living and volunteering for a year in Uganda, I hope such experiences may inspire other members of the diaspora to branch further than their comfort zone. Discover more. Do more. Be more.”


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Cynthia Nakanjako

Co-founder and Assistant Director:

At 25 years old, Cynthia is a LLB Law and Human Rights graduate, working towards pursuing a Master’s degree in International Development. Born and raised in Uganda, Cynthia now lives in London. She is a human rights advocate and one of her greatest achievement to date is drafting a report on freedom of expression in Sri Lanka that has since been published on the United Nations website.

As a co-founder of UAD, Cynthia hopes to utilise this initiative as a platform to inspire action, raise awareness and encourage African unity by focusing on the importance of economic and political independence, cultural identity, and sustainable development.