28 year old Olympic Gold medalist, Caster Semenya lost her appeal against the introduction of new rules regulating the testosterone levels for athletes with a difference in sex development (DSD).

The South African athlete is hyperandrogenous, which means she has heightened levels of testosterone. The IAAF ruling deems that Semenya must take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to compete internationally at events between 400 meters and 1 mile. Coming into affect on May 8th, the IAAF policy will require all athletes with DSD to reduce their blood testosterone levels for the duration of their athletic careers.

A condition which is out of the control for the athlete as it is naturally occurring, depicts this ruling to acknowledge white fears / tears over Semenya’s womanhood, blackness and humanity.

The ruling is hideous and outrageous and will definitely go down in history as a terrible mistake. The ruling is essentially saying, the lives of intersex don’t matter. The ruling has failed to acknowledge biological diversity and shamelessly supports outdated knowledge.

After the ruling, Caster Semenya said, “I know that the IAAF’s regulations have always targeted me specifically. For a decade the IAAF has tried to slow me down, but this has actually made me stronger. The decision of the CAS will not hold me back. I will once again rise above…”

We are in solidarity with Semenya to support a black woman athlete who has continuously undergone unfair humiliation. The IAAF regulation is a disgraceful breech of human rights.

Below are just a few tweets which really resonated with our sentiments:

#Victory4Caster ✊🏿🇿🇦