• Zahra, currently studying MSc International Social and Public Policy at The London School of Economics

• from Jamaica

What is your perception on Black History Month?

I’m from Jamaica and I think Black History Month is very important because it’s not to show the people outside the black community, that we have great people in our history who have done amazing things in all different fields; it’s mostly important to show those who live within and identify in the black community, that they can defeat the systematic prejudices and viscous cycles that have been set in front of them. That’s really what it’s all about! It’s just as important in Britain and any country as it is in America.

Do you celebrate Black History Month in Jamaica? Is it very important out there?

Black History month is not celebrated as much, which is celebrated in February in Jamaica, because it’s also Reggae month!

How do you feel LSE is implementing Black History Month within the LSE community?

There are a lot of events happening but the problem with the events (which is a problem we see in many institution with diverse political actors) is that there is not enough marketing. People don’t even know events are happening. For example, during the first week of Black History Month it was also #DecoloniseLSE which is becoming a buzzing hot topic – decolonising education – and I had no idea it was going on! I had been looking and scouting for things for weeks prior to that. That just goes to show you they’re not doing enough to educate us.