• 2nd year PPE undergraduate at The London School of Economics and Political Science

• from South Africa

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is a time for people to celebrate their heritage. Often in places like LSE and England in general, there’s quite a Eurocentric feel especially with regards to the people around you. So this is a time for us to learn about the successes of black people. This is a time for us to learn about black people’s important impact in history. Although black history has been written in many different ways from a more so Eurocentric view, there are still Afrocentric stories to be told and for us to know about.

How does Black History month differ in London in comparison to South Africa?

I wouldn’t say it is a massive thing in SA because we have Heritage month / week. In terms of Black History Month at LSE; I think they have been quite good about it. In terms of the rest of the UK however, you wouldn’t really know it’s Black History Month at all.