I’m a lover of the arts and always have been. Singing, dance, theatre, visual arts, you name it. I get a sense of fulfilmentfrom the hours of rehearsal or training which then manifests into a final performance; it’s so beautiful to me. Soon, I would start viewing academics the same way. The hours of practice / research and revision finally manifesting into a final performance; whether its exams or coursework. Through academia I gained an interest in international development and often found myself asking; what can I do to work towards the development of my home country and how can I use my love for performance to aid this?

Then the opportunity to participate in Miss Uganda UK presented itself. Through this, I became the first woman to hold the ‘Miss Uganda UK Rising Woman Title’ which put me in a position of influence as well as allowed me to get involved in international development campaign projects. I have since connected with many like-minded young people in the Ugandan diaspora and I have also worked on and supported a number of projects that continue to help our community both here and back home.

Today, I am a mentor for Miss Uganda UK and I am extremely proud of the young women who participate. I have seen how this initiative has continuously helped young women like myself learn more about who we are, set goals and develop plans that positively contribute to our community. It’s awesome to see.

From her passion for performance and arts to developing a genuine interest in international development, Nakazi teaches us that your talents can be multi-faceted. Her desire to work collaboratively alongside others as well as being in a position of influence shows us she’s one to watch! Keep on rising Queen.