Sudan your time will come…

We are the freedom fighters,

We are the democracy warriors,

We are the peace keepers,

We are the peace makers,

We are the WEST!

We stood in unity with Paris,

We stood in unity with Manchester,

We stood in unity with New York,

We stand in unity with all our friends,

We are the WEST!

We stayed silent on Rwanda,

We stayed silent on Burundi,

We stayed silent on Ivory Coast,

We stayed silent on Libya,

We are the WEST!

We benefited from Rwanda,

We benefited from Burundi,

We benefited from Ivory Coast,

We benefited from Libya,

We are the WEST!

Ohh Sudan, we will come for you,

we will speak of your dead children,

we will bring you our justice,

We will bring you our peace,

We are the WEST!

Ohh Sudan, be patient with us,

your oil will become our oil,

your gas will become our gas,

your labourers will become ours,

We will become one.

By Joannitah


Sudan my child …

Speak softly, move swiftly,

work hard, work smart,

don’t rush, take your time.

Potential is lethal,

Success is dangerous,

Poverty is profitable.

My child look at the comics,

they gaped in millions,

they yelled Wakanda forever.

A hidden treasure,

working hard and smart,

working quickly and quietly.

Those are the stories they like,

they marvel at fiction while blind at reality,

they scramble for our treasures while they marvel at poverty.

My child hush, don’t let the West see you,

don’t let the West feel you,

it doesn’t have to be a dream.

Hush my child, I know you have potential baby,

potential is dangerous,

know your friends,

work quickly and quietly.

Love Mama Africa!

By Joannitah

During a time of bloodshed, fear, uncertainty and unrest, these poems show solidarity, responsibility, empathy and hope.

Joannitah is a law graduate, currently working in Project Management. She is passionate about development and currently undertaking a Masters, part time.

“At the beginning of the year I decided that I would start to publish my writing to shed some light on various issues across the African continent.

Having worked with refugees at an NGO, I heard multiple stories of young boys who often ran from Sudan due to Bashir’s regime; making the tiring journey from Sudan to Libya and then used a boat to get to Europe. I feel that the lack of attention on the current situation in Sudan is unacceptable and heartbreaking. I have decided to stand with Sudan and use my writing to bring attention to the current events.

I have watched as the citizens of Sudan have fought for democracy through various peaceful protests. The killings of pro-democracy protesters is a direct violation of human rights and we should all demand for more action from our leaders and the African Union to protect them.

As a Ugandan, I cannot sit and watch because these events are not happening in my house. I want to encourage everyone to speak up on this issue because if this was happening in my country, I would hope that others would advocate for my people.”