I have just come back from a three-month trip after travelling around Western and Southern Africa. One major issue I noticed was that nearly ALL of the restaurants and hotels that we went to were owned and managed by foreigners yet facilitated by the locals.

It’s crazy to find out that in our own continent we are practically still slaves in labour and that many major businesses are not ‘black owned’, yet this is our Africa? Why are foreigners still profiting off our land, resources and hotspots and we are not the major competitors against them?

In the future, I would love to see more African business owners on the continent ensure that the wealth being made, is spent within our communities. It’s time to take ownership of OUR countries, OUR resources and make businesses that generate wealth to OUR communities.

Ada, speaks frankly about the need for more ‘black owned’ businesses in Africa after her travels throughout West and Southern Africa. A much needed topic of discussion, especially during this time of the #NoWhiteSaviour campaign.

Should Africa as a whole, be embracing of foreign investment or should they be more protective of their resources?