Being born in Uganda but raised in London is interesting because I was brought here for the opportunities: to get the best possible outcome that could better my future – but the realities have not come to merit.

The memory of my departure from Uganda does not exist in my mind. My dad used to share stories portraying sadness of leaving behind what could have been. Apparently I cried and screamed because I didn’t want to leave. Maybe my child self knew that it wouldn’t be the same, the unknown of this place I will later call home.

I guess I say all this based on my current situation. When I finished my MSc in September last year and began applying for jobs I had an idea of how long it would take me to get my career started. It hasn’t gone to plan.

Building a career is hard because you have this vision of what you hope to achieve and when to achieve it by but then things don’t go to plan and it begins to feel like the earth is mocking you, like everyone and everything is moving and you are still. The difficulty is avoiding comparison and developing depression which leads to illness and self pity. 

I’ve always wanted to help people so I know a career in international development would be ideal for me. Initially, I wanted to work in HR but it didn’t appeal to me as a career but more like a job. It was when I watched a documentary on the supply chain of coffee that I decided to pursue a career in international development. I was surprised to learn that Vietnam is the UK’s biggest supplier for coffee but what pulled me in was the lasting impact of war in modern day Vietnam. So much inequality still exists and many still remain voiceless. So my goal is clear. I want a career that allows me to make a difference; a career where I can bring positive change to help marginalised people.

But I have been job hunting for so long now that I’m starting to question myself and my career choice. Have I made the right decision? I feel so emotionally and physically drained. London is the city for opportunities and prosperity so when will it be my turn? 

Maria, sharing the struggles of kickstarting her career in London. She has a BSc in International Business and Entrepreneurship and a MSc in Global Supply Chain Management. Let’s get her the job she truly deserves!