“When it comes to being a parent, I think they work and pray for opportunities that allow them to provide the best possible outcome for their children. I believe this is true for my mum. She left Uganda to find better opportunities and a better life for herself, my father and her children. She does this to this day. It amazes me what she left behind, what she sacrificed for a better future. She didn’t anticipate the life she would have now. How much of an instilled culture her children would have or the hardship they would find to integrate and almost let go of the Ugandan culture. It’s scary because I left when I was 3 years old but I held onto the language because of her existence. My mum is my Ugandan culture. She is my home. She is what reminds me that I am Ugandan.”

Maria’s tribute to her mother – someone grab the tissues, because the last 3 lines!

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