I remember I wanted to become a football player when I was young, but my Nigerian parents were having none of it. Growing up, education was key. My parents desperately wanted me to become a doctor or engineer – I think most Nigerian kids can resonate with this. 

Unfortunately the education system in Nigeria was never on my side. My struggle began in 2005 when I finished high school. I was hoping to get into a University in Nigeria but with the huge issue of tribalism as well as my parents lacking the funds, I was rejected. I had passed all the relevant exams but every university seemed to reject me because I was not from the states in which I was applying. One university even asked my dad to pay a bribe of 100,000 naira, to which he refused.

I desperately wanted to study Computer Science and all this corruption and tribalism was not going to stop me. In 2008 I finally received a diploma in SoftwareEngineering and later transferred to London to pursue my bachelors. 

Life in London was interesting, but challenging. I worked two jobs in University; a Technical Support Engineer and IT security at the O2 Arena. However, It got to a point where I had not seen my  family in almost 5 years and upon graduating I made the difficult decision to go back to Nigeria. I felt with IT in Africa on the rise and missing my parents and brothers, home was calling.

I had a vision that I wanted to improve my country in the little way I could. I had this refreshing  feeling of returning as a man. I got the opportunity to work with so many talented young graduates, just like myself. I worked with non-profits which helped internally displaced people in Abuja and mentored young kids, teaching them the fundamentals of computer science. 

Today, I currently reside in the United States but I run a consultancy called Blun Iker; specialising in construction, real estate management, brokerage of energy trading and auto trading in Lagos, Nigeria. Starting this in Nigeria, I suffered a few challenges due to lack of constant electricity and finding trustworthy clients but we’ve also had a few success stories. We have aided in the construction of schools and gas stations across Nigeria, which fits in with my vision with wanting to improve my country in any way I can.

Nnadozie Brown; Director of Blun Iker Investment, a consultancy specialising in the construction and energy sector