Shay’s Move to Ghana

Born and raised in Morocco, I remember the shock to everyone when I revealed my decision to move to Ghana for my studies. It all started back in 2012 while I was volunteering at AIESEC, a student-run non profit organisation that helps to develop students on a global scale into responsible and entrepreneurial leaders. At first I was just curious and honestly did not anticipate just how much the experience would change my life. I was helping students prepare for exchange programs all over the world, and its at this moment I decided that I want to experience that too! 

After doing some research, I decided I want to go to Ghana, I chose University Of Cape Coast –  and the fact that I already had friends there made my decision easier. I opted for a program that helps HIV patients while also raising awareness in the local communities. From conducting classes about HIV to teaching the locals how to wear a condom – this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I met people from all over the world through this programme but most notably, I fell in love with Ghana. Everyone was always smiling, ever so grateful and just living life even during hard times.  Oh how I loved Sundays; a day when both grownups and kids dress-up in their most beautiful dresses and suits holding their Bibles excited for church.

Sadly, after 3 months I had to leave Ghana and move back to Casablanca. But I felt like I did not belong in my own country, moreover most of my friends were not interested to hear about my trip- to them Ghana was not a destination to Greece or Indonesia. Several months passed and my world crushed down following some family issues- I became sad and depressed. It was at this moment that I made a decision to take charge of my life and so I transferred to one of the Universities in Accra to pursue my studies! 

Today, most people do not recognise me anymore; I have changed from the shy, irresponsible girl to a responsible mature lady. Ghana taught me so many great things, one of them is to live life and be happy no matter how long the storm lasts, the sun will shine and there will be a happy ending. My advice to all youth is you can be different and there is no harm in that, as long as it  makes you happy, just remember you are unique and there is always beauty in being unique.