It was I who gained the muted tongue,

Not that i could not speak,

But the angles and degrees

In which definitions of me

Were set just took my breath.

As if my Unique idiosyncrasies

Hindered the development of me

But to be developed into who…. You?

It’s funny, the image of man

If you don’t look like the rest

You’re not involved in the plan

I find different ways to express what’s in my chest

But they choose to not understand

So forgive if i detest and refuse to receive an open hand

When your heart and mind is closed

And the flavor in your sentences are fragrant but bland

Speak with truth,

When you gaze into my eyes you know all you see is you,

You may choose to despise and fear what i say or do

But i bleed and breathe i’m alive

Fighting the same fights

Running the same race

Reaching for the ceiling why won’t you see me through

Vilified though we bleed the same

I feel the vibe pouring on my shoulders like torrential rain

Cold but nourishing

My tongue might be

But my soul will never be tamed

So I won’t be harboring any ill energy

Towards the ignorant minds of today

I paint my World with vivid strokes of my Hands

You see i wish to feel my part

Added to the tapestry of destiny

My life is a blessing

The only thing cursed is the thoughts you are wrestling

From these words LOVE is my only weapon

LOVE is the only lesson

About the poet:

Rogers Gambiza