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      1.Is Mass-media doing enough to provide us with a real insight into African life while also reporting on events in Africa as they occur? 

Mass media is grossly misrepresenting the going-on’s in Africa. There seems to be a generalisation of sorts going on. For example, in western media, you seem to only get pictures of fly riddled children and conditions of squalor but this is not always the case. I can attest to this fact as I have family living in Nigeria and they’re doing quite well. I am not surprised by the way Africa is represented in Western media, I think that the images they put out their is what they want us to believe how Africa is.

2. “Stereotypes play an important role in helping us make sense of the world, and are not necessarily lies”….What are some of the most common representations of Africa in the media?

I disagree with that statement. Stereotypes are lazy misrepresentations of a group by people or other groups who are not  bothered to make an in depth of analysis of a said group. Especially in today’s society, it is important that we do not rely on the media’s ideologies to draw a conclusion on any given topic, especially on topics such as ‘race’ and ethnicity. I find it odd how anyone can take stereotypes at face value; generalising a whole group based on what a selected few do. This is one way in which moral panics and Islamophobia for example, is promoted in Western societies – which is very wrong!

3. Is there a pressing need to alter western portrayal of Africa?

Africa need no longer be represented as the continent that suffers and requires help from others. In addition to this, it is very disheartening that only stories of corruption and wrongdoings are highlighted. The same spotlight is not shed on the bad things happening with the western world government. Instead, the media chooses to paint the western government as the messiah.