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   1. Is Mass-media doing enough to provide us with a real insight into African life while also reporting on events in Africa as they occur?

I don’t believe so. I feel like they do more to damage the perception of Africa than anything else. They only show the dark sides of Africa and reinforce negative stereotypes. There’s so many positive things that happen in Africa and come out of Africa but they never make the media.

  2. “Stereotypes play an important role in helping us make sense of the world, and are not necessarily lies”….What are some of the most common representations of Africa in the media? 

Most stereotypes are outdated and the majority are nothing but negative. Some of the common themes that are represented in the news include poverty, poor governance, and war. These do not influence me at all but that’s purely because I know the real Africa and not the false picture painted by the West.

  3. Is there a pressing need to alter western portrayal of Africa?

Yes, Africa has more to offer and show the world and its sad that people don’t get the opportunity to see that side. In order to shake off the negative and outdated stereotypes there is a serious need to alter the perception of Africa.