“No continent will be struck as severely by the impacts of climate change as Africa.”

Why is climate change important with regards to African development?

It threatens economic growth due to a change in natural systems and resources, as well as long term prosperity and the survival of its vulnerable populations. It is a burden to sustainable development in Africa, as well an obstacle to achieving MDGs.

What is COP21? 

COP is an international political response to climate change. COP 21, also known as the 2015 Paris negotiations, aimed at achieving a universal agreement regarding the climate; to kelp global warming below 2°C.

What does this mean for Africa?

Although for Africa, a temperature below 2 degrees would have been more beneficial, this agreement nevertheless acts as a stepping stone towards long term development in Africa. AREI (Africa Renewable Energy Initiative), set to push through low-carbon development in Africa, received $10 billion in funding from international sources at COP21.

Have a read of this fact sheet which talks about what exactly is at stake, in terms of climate change in Africa.

Climate Change in Africa – What is at stake?