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“To begin with, I am the Director of an Afro-Centric inspired fashion company, Muvafrika, which aims to showcase African heritage and culture into clothing, accessories and homeware, using traditional African prints from all over Africa. In achieving our goal as a company I am always keeping up to date with news, fashion and events that occur in different parts of Africa to help inspire myself as an individual. Other than being just a company that generates income, Muvafrika also aims to become a social enterprise where we give aspiring fashion designers in Africa opportunities to pursue their dreams with fair treatment and with fair pay so they can provide for their families and continue striving in their talents.

I am from Eritrea which is located in East Africa. Not many people I meet know about Eritrea, so it is important for me to discuss significant things about my country, such as our traditions, food and history. I regularly attend fundraising events that involve developments contributing to Eritrea and the Eritrean people. Just last week I attended an event which showcased the difficulty of autism in children in Eritrea, and how as a community we can help tackle the issue. I have a lot of family back home so it is important me make somewhat of a difference so they can benefit from it. For me, it is crucial to participate in local, national or even global developments that will help improve your country for the better future.

I would definitely be interested in working and investing in Africa with an organisation that truly wants the best for Africa and all its different countries. I am most concerned with the children of Africa, as they are the next generation and not all children are in education which I believe is disheartening. I would love to contribute to children gaining an education through building schools, teaching English and holding career platforms so they are aware that this world is great, and they can do anything they put their mind to.

There are many organisations that are currently being formed that work towards developing Africa. However, not many organisations educate members enough. They mostly hand out flyers and send emails which not many people bother to read because it feels like a task. I think if UAD regularly contact their members, allow them to participate in events, research or even fundraising, it will encourage members to become much more involved in the organisation as they will feel like part of the team.”