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“I stay connected with Africa through speaking to my parents and asking questions. I try to visit my home country, Uganda, as much as I can. What has made me truly proud of my African heritage is how it has been embraced as my second home. From hearing African ballads on the radio to seeing different people wearing African clothing on the bus. The sharing of African heritage in the mainstream industry has allowed me to be more proud of my heritage and so I’ve embraced it more and it has driven me to be more passionate about sharing all that Africa has to offer. This has lead to my involvement with Action for Fundamental Change and Development – AFFCAD: seeing all the amazing things people on the ground in Uganda were doing, inspired our UK team and I to share their progress and help push a great organisation to greater growth.

I am highly interested in working in Africa; there are so many opportunities at present. With a continent full of resource and opportunities, investment is something I hope to do. Education I believe is a key, and with so many young people devoted to learning I would love to help facilitate that in small communities.

I think UAD can help create a new platform that highlights all the things that Africa has to offer and the many opportunities available. The uniting of other diaspora citizens will help provide a forum on how we can collectively make a difference.”