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While I identify fully as a member of the African diaspora, as a mix of African American and Jamaican my connection to any specific area of the continent is unclear. Because of this, my main focus is on empowering people of the diaspora, particularly women, within the countries to which due to racism, slavery and colonialism, they have been displaced. That being said, through reading and accessing content online I do try to stay informed about the impressive successes, development and progress that is occurring on the continent and my connection to Africa always forms the basis of the work that I do.

My main areas of interest are food, music and the arts, so working on the continent is an obvious next step for me! I would like to focus on West Africa because of the historical connections to my heritage but of course would not rule out other areas.

An organisation like UAD has such a pivotal role in the every day lives of the diaspora. There is power in unity, and our shared histories are something that can be used to empower our communities and ourselves. Many people of the diaspora have felt at some time disconnected from the continent, and this is a perfect way to reconnect and network with others with similar lived experiences. It is also a way to highlight the successes of our people and spotlight the many opportunities open to us.