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“I stay connected with Africa through my family both in the UK and in Ghana. Being active on social media such as Twitter, allows me to be easily informed on what’s going on in Africa, by people actually living there. From a political stand-point, I am not so heavily involved in Africa, but I definitely have a musical interest. Having created ‘Jungle of Sounds’, a music entertainment platform, I am able to represent different artists globally. I come into contact with many Afrobeat artists, usually from Britain and various African countries. The rise in this genre’s industry highlights the influence of African culture and art in today’s music scene, which ultimately allows everyone to stay connected.

I would love to one day set up business in Ghana. It would most probably be an IT related company that could help in tackling their electricity crisis. Having electricity in one district and not the other, and then continuously swapping the electrical allowance between districts is impractical. I’d hope for the government to prioritise more. I’d hope for my company to educate and train people in this field and bring sustainable development to the country.

I think UAD can definitely give me with more of an insight to what’s going on in Africa and provide legitimate / reliable information. I think it can also motivate me to become more involved in my country and learn more about other countries which I think would be great for many other people in the diaspora.”