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“As a member of the African diaspora, I stay connected with Africa through entertainment, family and charity. I love African food, music, dance and clothing. I’m in tune with all the new songs and what people are listening to back home. There is always a popular new dance to learn. There are plenty of African grocery stores and restaurants that I always go to, to pick out my favorite African dishes. I also stay connected by keeping up with the news. I follow BBC Africa on Twitter and that’s where I read most of my news in Africa. I talk to my family in Tanzania almost every single day, thanks to apps like Viber & WhatsApp. I often research charities, especially those who help the less fortunate and I try to donate to different causes. After graduation I will be starting my own charity organization.

I definitely want to work and invest in Africa in the future. Africa has, for a long time, conjured up images of famine, disease, poverty and war. It is up to our generation to change this perception and I want to be a part of that phenomenon. Our future should consist of increasing entrepreneurship, technological innovation and investment in education. Why not take what I learn in the United States to do something great in Africa? I have a lot of business ideas & plans that are in the following fields; financial services, technology & communication. I will be investing in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

An organization like UAD can play a part in a member of the diaspora’s everyday life by giving us the foundation to get connected with each other. Coming together for projects, charity, forums would be a great way for us to exchange ideas and reach our goals. Our generation is perfectly aware of corruption and its cost, and we have no tolerance for it. The old generation and the old way of doing business is slowly declining, so it’s up to us to bring a brighter future for our people.”