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I stay connected with Africa through social media. I listen to various news outlets which are made available on youtube and media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. I also watch African movies, particularly from the Nigerian movie industry: Nollywood. 
I have not been heavily involved in Nigerian or African affairs due to my studies but I have been vocal about the political situations, immigration, security and terrorist issues and the way African governments, especially the Nigerian government handles these issues.
I am definitely interested in working and investing in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. If we all run away from Africa, who would fix all the problems we run away from? 
Organisations like UAD can play a part in the everyday lives of members in diaspora by educating members on how we can incorporate our beautiful cultures with what we’ve learnt in the more developed countries, and use this to our own advancements. UAD can also help by preaching about the benefits of a united Africa and how much we can achieve when our laws, aims and objectives are connected or heavily in sync without the interference of international interest groups.”