FullSizeRender (25)“My level of involvement is quite varied. I have extended family living in one country who I keep contact with as well as support the film industry…go Nollywood! I am also part of a team who want to demonstrate the strengths and talents of Africa and her people; Enlighten Educate and Entertain, that’s our aim. So not too dissimilar to UAD but through a different medium; an online magazine.

I would love to invest in Africa! I am more inclined to the idea of investing directly into a country rather than working there at the moment but that is due to the field of work I am pursuing. With regards to investing, it would likely be within the arts and creative fields, starting with Nigeria


UAD can provide information and opportunities, chances to network as well as create forums where relevant issues can be discussed and solutions suggested. It can do this by establishing channels of communication with countries in Africa because although we know countries have major issues that on a government level are being addressed, it would be great to know about the c issues that affect an everyday person. One major way UAD can play a part in our everyday life is by reminding us of the opportunities in Africa so that more of the diaspora would consider investing or working there.”