FullSizeRender (24)“As a white British man, my connection with Africa stems from visiting Uganda on numerous occasions over the past few years. The original reason I travelled to Uganda was to attend a wedding. During this time, I got to experience the different cultural ceremonies/activities that take place before the wedding, including the traditional marriage which is known as “Kwanjula” meaning (introduction). In a modern age where slowly but surely the gap between generational views are widening it was nice to see that there is still a grasp of traditional values. I am still in regular contact with all the people i met during this trip.

Since that original trip I have returned to Uganda 3 times for a variety of reasons.  For instance I recently I flew out to celebrate a first birthday for one of the children, whom I now consider my niece. I also visited a clinic that deals with helping people with AIDS through providing medicine, food and counselling. I always try to support the clinic’s tremendous work through donations via their website.


I love kids and so I am open to working/volunteering within this field of work if given the right opportunity. However, In terms of investing in Africa, I would have to do some research first as my knowledge is limited to what I have experienced during my trips in Uganda.


I think UAD can provide a real insight into African life; different points of views that can be portrayed rather than the same generic message that the media seems to portray. I always tell people to research an organisation themselves and donate directly. Your organisation could help with linking people to legitimate information and other charitable organisations. UAD can help to tell peoples experiences or encourage people to give their time to a cause. This will be extremely worthwhile. UAD can create a place for people to have a voice and connect with people.”