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It gives me pride to represent my country in all aspects. Whether it is at my place of work, on stage, at an event or in education. Growing up in the UK, there are so many activities and natural culture we miss out on. So whenever there was a given opportunity to embrace my culture and heritage  (family gatherings / functions, through music and even food)  I was always willing to embrace it.
I would love to continue investing in land in my home country, Uganda. I hope to take on property developing in Uganda. I want to build and rent apartments, mostly aimed at university students who quite often, do not particularly like staying in hostels. From there I would like to progress to holiday houses for families, rentals and set up bungalows for sale.
I believe UAD can offer greater development opportunities to individuals in the diaspora which will create incentive for them to generate a good (better) income in the near future.Evidence of this will surely motivate, inspire and encourage more people to become involved with UAD and benefit from the organisation.