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“My largest connection to Africa is self-knowledge. Understanding myself more means understanding my African heritage and ancestry, and going to a Historically Black College University in the U.S. has certainly opened me up and poured into me a huge awareness of what it means to be of African heritage.

Funny story: I was taking a taxi back to my dorm from work one night, and the driver asked me what my major in college is. That led to a whole discussion on native English speakers, etc. and he offered that people in West Africa where he is from are often looking for native speakers to teach their children English. He suggested I consider finishing my education and going to a country in Africa and opening a school. It was the first time I had ever thought of something so monumental, but the idea actually really intrigues me!

I think connectivity, community, and collective work are huge factors necessary to the growth and development of the diaspora. UAD is that link. It excites me to see organizations like it flourishing because that means the diaspora is only growing and getting better by bringing us all closer together no matter where we are from.”