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“I stay connected to Africa through my grandparents and cousins who still live in my home country; Guinea Bissau. While I take great pride in being African, my involvement in Guinea Bissau is quite minimal. I left Guinea Bissau at the age of 2, and moved to Portugal where I grew up and schooled until I went to University in Macau, China – where I am currently. I have only returned to my home country twice, although I have had the opportunity to visit other African countries such as Senegal and Ghana.

Despite not having spent a lot of time in Guinea Bissau, I am very interested to return and work there or for any organisation in West Africa. I would love to work for an organisation such as the African Union where I hope to be able to make a long lasting contribution across Africa.

United African Diaspora for me, stands as a reminder that there is more than just hope that Africa can one day be a better place. This organisation has the potential to be proactive in making a great impact among the diaspora and across Africa. UAD also encourages us to see more of Africa than we’ve ever been exposed to and allows us to think more about living and investing there. It can restore confidence in the notion that Africa can be so much more than it currently is.”