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“I believe that being African is a rich and fulfilling way of being. The love for my continent has grown so much and being in the diaspora only heightens my sense of need and want for more of Africa. I have family and friends who live in Nigeria; they keep me grounded with the things happening at hand. With the nature of my work and business as a Public and Motivational speaker, I have a PR agent and also a team in Lagos, their role is to keep the business alive while I am here in the UK. I speak to the Lagos team daily; the use of social media and technology helps to communicate instantly with the team and learn daily what is happening in the city.

I visit Lagos every year, we run seminars and business development workshops for delegates and it is always very well received. We also deliver yearly a charity event where we go into the rural villages to deliver food and health check-ups. It’s very heart-warming to observe the responses from the local people who are stricken with poverty and lack.

Africa is the way forward. Africa is the future. The continent is ripe for advancement. Our countries are thriving with great progress that it’s opened up great opportunities for the diaspora and educated Africans to go back and invest in their nation. Africa needs us, we have to have a sense of responsibility to not just watch things happen but be part of the force that makes things happen within our nation. Now is a great time to be a proud African.

My passion is for Africa; I would love to work in West and East Africa delivering training, motivation for individual development and business start-up training for companies. Running business, brand and service development to African businesses and companies to help enhance their services – also boosting employee morale and in return increase the productivity and credulity of African businesses.

UAD can be the channel or the bridge that links the diaspora to Africa. Many here have a passion to serve and venture into Africa but lack the ‘know how’. A company like UAD can be the body that bridges the gap. By providing information, news and workshops that would enable and educate on what Africa needs, providing insights on political events, economical events and the benefit of investment in Africa. UAD, can be a hub of information that enlightens the diaspora on what the best service that they could provide their country and how they can go about it. This would require working with local government in regions in African countries. Also work with the governing bodies that regulate trade and commerce in Africa. The UAD is a very great idea, so many things that they can do.”